Collaborations and partnerships are critical for the sustainability of the hub. From the development of the concept note to date, the following partners have been instrumental in playing significant roles in ensuring the realization of the hub.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

The development of the Climate Finance Knowledge Hub (CFKH) was supported by the German Development Corporation through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). This initiative was started through GIZ’s Regional programme, “Regional Programme Support to Reform Partnership” in Ghana and the Financial Systems Development (FSD) component of the Programme for Sustainable Economic Development (PSED). Both programmes ended in December 2022.

Subsequently, the GIZ’s Support to the Private and Financial Sector (PFS) programme took over the development of the CFKH in January 2023. The programme aims to improve employment conditions in the private sector, especially for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in selected regions of Ghana.

PFS, a follow up programme of PSED, is building on the achievements of the two previous programmes in the development of the CFKH. PFS’ interest in the CFKH is based on the benefits Financial Institutions (FIs) and MSMEs will derive from the platform through knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, and access to information about climate finance, leading to sustainable financing and climate-smart enterprises.

Promoting Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

SEED was founded at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg by UN Environment, UNDP and IUCN as a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the green economy. SEED is based on the understanding that the promotion of social and environmental entrepreneurship is pivotal for environmentally friendly and socially inclusive development and poverty reduction.

SEED work directly with growing enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs in our Enterprise Support programmes to strategise, optimise and award achievements in eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. All our participating enterprises receive a comprehensive SEED Support Package of tailored business and capacity-building support, networking, and profiling at the national and international level.

Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network

Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN) is a network of Non-Bank Financial Institutions’ Association, Microfinance Associations (MFAs) and member financial institutions (FIs) engaged in the provision of financial and non-financial services. Membership compose various Associations of Savings and Loans, Rural & Community Banks, Credit Unions, Microfinance Companies, Micro Credit Institutions, Financial NGOs, and Susu Enterprises. The Members include Association of Rural Banks (ARB) / ARB Apex Bank, Ghana Association of Savings and Loans Companies (GHASALC), Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC), Ghana Cooperative Credit Union Association (CUA), Micro Credit Association, Ghana (MCAG), Ghana Association of Financial NGOs (GHASSFIN) and Ghana Cooperative Susu Collectors Association (GCSCA)

    The Climate Finance Knowledge Hub is designed as a one-stop shop that equips financial institutions (FIs) and climate-smart enterprises with technical know-how, certifications and training to ease the access to finance for climate-smart innovation.


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